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Thread: Equine Thermal Images with Testo 885

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    Equine Thermal Images with Testo 885

    The Testo 885 has a thermal sensitivity of 30mk (0.03C) which makes it incredibly well suited to medical and veterinary applications. With such a high thermal sensitivity you will see much more and for much longer. The 320x240 resolution provides stunning detail.

    These images were provided courtesy of Gary Swingler.

    Name:  IR000195.jpg
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Size:  96.6 KBName:  IR000200.jpg
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    Brenton Ward
    Level III Infraspection Institute Certified Thermographer
    Level II Airborne Ultrasound

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    Hi Brenton
    I have now tried the superresolution on my Testo 885 thermal imager, the improvement in the detail and quality of the images taken fantastic. They show far more detail which is of a great help for showing thermal anomalies
    Still the greatest issues still remain, the preparation of the horse, the environment, imager settings and the focusing of the imager on a moving subject with a narrow depth of field. Good images are not just a point and shoot
    some examples of the 640 x480Name:  640x480 superresolurion-tego.jpg
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Size:  94.9 KB resolution are attached for comparison
    Gary Swingler
    Level III Infraspection Certified Thermographer
    Level I Certified Airborne & Structure Borne Ultrasound Inspector
    Level II Vibration Analysis

    Mob: 0427 524 817
    Email: [email protected]:

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    Gary, that image is remarkably sharp. Looks like the super resolution definitely paid off.
    Brenton Ward
    Level III Infraspection Institute Certified Thermographer
    Level II Airborne Ultrasound

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    that's awesome device improvement :O

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    That is an awesome shot Garry! You should submit it to our 'Thermal Art' Section!
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