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Thread: Induced heating in HV busduct fastening bolt.

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    Induced heating in HV busduct fastening bolt.

    I thought I would share this infrared image and digital photo that I took last week at a power station in central Queensland. the image is of a fastening bolt on flange connecting to a generator terminal box. This flange was on the C phase outgoing side and as you can see the metal is hot and dis-coloured. I have come across a lot of different examples of induced heating but this one is quite different. The other fastening bolts on the flange are not hot at all.
    I have considered that the bolt and nut may be loose after I left the site however this will not be checked until the shutdown later this month. I have also considered that it may be an earthing problem.

    My question is has anyone come across this particular example where one bolt/nut only is hot. If so what was the eventual outcome/problem and how was it rectified by the electrical maintenance team?

    Many Thanks Mike Henneker
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