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Thread: New Members - Introduce Yourself!

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    Huntsville, Alabama
    We are Hilary and Shirley. After living 50 plus years in the Sacramento, California valley we have transferred with Buyers Protection Group Home/Property Inspections to the beautiful state of Alabama this last year. BPG has over 330 inspectors in 27 USA states.
    We now enjoy lots of water, song birds, summer rains, clouds in the sky, lightning bugs, red and blue birds, friendly people and higher humidity with much colder winter weather than what we are accustomed to.
    Then we discovered that some Alabama Home/Property inspectors offer the service use of Thermal cameras. Training for and receiving our Level 1 Certification with Infraspection Institute had put us on par, we then acquired our Clinical and Equine Thermal Certifications as well.
    Using Thermography now is like selling synthetic lubrication products in the 1970's. Few in the general public knew anything about synthetic lubes and had been getting by without them just fine. After the learning curve up swing for business/industry leaders and maintenance teams, synthetic lubes are now used in new Corvettes, the Ferrari line of cars, Fords and any other lubrication need by the general public and the military including all jet aircraft.
    Here we all are, a few years ahead of our time with Thermography just becoming excepted by the general public and medical/dental communities for early detection of several inflammatory diseases and some cancers.
    The fun side of "let me tell you about it" is wearing thin. It's not easy sounding fresh after telling the "Introduction to Thermal Energy" story a thousand times.
    I suspect we'll all keep going because of the immediate and valuable use of detecting Thermal energy in objects/buildings and living beings.
    "One small step for man, one giant leap understanding Emissivity".

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    Nice to hear your story guys, welcome. I look forward to seeing some of your imagery, sounds like you do some interesting work.
    Brenton Ward
    Level III Infraspection Institute Certified Thermographer
    Level II Airborne Ultrasound

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    hi guys, I am Malik from Pakistan

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    hi what are you doing?

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    Hi Nagh and welcome. Can you tell us a bit about yourself? what kind of thermography do you do? What equipment are you using? What's it like being a thermographer in the middle east

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    My friend Kasha came to Australia in 2007 on student visa with his partner. where my friend (Kasha) was a main applicant and his partner was as dependent. They were already married before they applied for student visa and both came to Sydney together in 2007.

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    Ahmad abbas ap boht chawal insaan ho aap bbhi softhof mai job krty ho its good to hear that

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    .HI, i am Shahid I am from Pakistan My interest in thermography is around last 2 years. However with the implementation of the Quad O regulations in the oil and gas industry I was introduced to the FLIR GF320. What a piece of equipment! There is also the Opgal EyeCGas on the market that has some advantages over the GF320.

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