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Thread: Flir B1 Series

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    Flir B1 Series

    I have a FLIR B1 Series, is there software to download the images stored on the unit... I did not purchase "new", an SVideo/USB cable was provided but no software or other information.
    Or do you know of anyway to retrieve the images from the unit that I should try... I have downloaded Flir Tools software, but my computer doesn't recognize the B1 so far.
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    From memory that unit only had on-board memory (not a removable SD card). I am pretty sure it also used a universal driver, but given it's age that might only work on an older version of windows like XP. Once you get the images off, they should work in Flir tools as I have several cameras of that era that I can open in flir tools. Can you tell me what PC operating system you have tried connecting the camera to?
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    Since I'm in WA and can't make the sale, what do you do a decent cam for for the VS V6 auto?

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