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Thread: Loose Common wire on 24VDC

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    Loose Common wire on 24VDC

    We just had an issue where we clearly had a loose connection by the way an input was acting. We were asked to look at the terminal strips with our E60. We found no thermal gradients or hot spots that would indicate looseness. A technician went in after us and was able to pull a wire out of a terminal strip by hand. After tightening this connection the problem went away. It was found that the connection was a -24VDC common. My question is...Is it possible to even find issues on low voltage common control wiring?
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    I would think you could find a loose connection on low voltage if your temps where set narrow enough to show up. To large a span and the slight difference in temps could be overlooked. There is not much amperage in some 24 volt applications. If the amperage is higher it would be easier to spot. Keep in mind cooling air flow and reflections from other areas effect your field of view. Not all wires and hardware are energized for long periods of time as well. Know your system before you start.

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