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Thread: Overheating motor

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    Overheating motor

    Should I add fire risk alert to motor to guarantee motor is changed within 5 days

    Is a overheating motor a fire risk
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    Yes...!!! The motor and any electrical connections will be included. Depending on where and what this motor is doing is also in danger of being included in catastrophic failure. I would include review of the electrical service components and the service factor/amperage use of the motor in service and what is "overheating" to this motor and its service duty at the time of the reading. That is where I would start before calling for change out with fire hazard. Is the the cooling air used for this motor clean or dust laden? Is the incoming cooling air cool or warm? Has the load on the motor increased, when and why? You are correct in being cautious.

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    really it is risk iam advice that no overtake in risk

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