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Thread: IR Camera list?

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    IR Camera list?

    Has anyone out there done a search for thermography camera's (or guns) lately?

    I used to use an Agema 570, but I know Agema and Flir merged. Then we purchased a FLIR P62 a few years ago, and a Fluke Ti-10 about 18 months ago. They both work good for what they're used for, but I was wondering if anyone has done a search for low cost industrial thermal imagers and has a list of manufacturer's that sell them.
    I'm sure I could google it and wade through 2 or 3 hours of webpages, but I figured I'd ask here first. Smiler

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    Hi Aaron, Try this link
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    Hi Aaron,

    There's entry level and then there's what will do the job. You've mentioned some huge diversity in the models you are using, from 320x240 detectors down to your latest Ti10 which is only 160x120. The new entry level models are even lower than that, many around 80x60 or less. In my opinion there's not a lot of value in using an 80x60 detector... you get an image... barely. They're ok for large objects (motors, pumps, bearings etc), not very good for electrical and typically very poor for building diagnostics. In my opinion they are a false economy. Spend a few hundred dollars more and get 4 or 5 times the resolution and actually see (with confidence) what you are looking for. After all, the whole purpose of applying thermography skills in the field is to proactively save thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars. Finding problems easily and clearly in the first place will pay far higher dividends.

    Some good entry level cameras worth considering are the Testo 870 series, Testo 875 series, the Flir E6 and upwards, Flir E40 upwards, Fluke Ti110 upwards.
    Brenton Ward
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