I have been in the Home Inspection industry for 16 years. It's hard to believe how slow one of the Home Inspector associations is to bring on new tools and extend the service level of the inspections, and to extend the standard of practice for using new tech to make our inspections more accurate. The fear behind it is the additional liability to the inspector and the belief it extends the inspection times. I believe using the Thermal camera makes me a much more involved inspector with the client's best interest at heart and in mind. I find issues that would in fact leave me more liable if not found and the client left with the bill for corrections/repairs. The "don't find everything" extends to the agents as well. So, the agents call me when they are making the purchase, but, don't call me when they have a "picky" client. I will continue to use this valuable tool and locate conditions that can not be observed with the naked eye no matter how determined the inspector is to do his best.