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Thread: Are You a Thermal Artist?

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    Are You a Thermal Artist?

    Show us your thermal art!!!

    Please note, images must be original work and you must certify that you are the author.

    I call this one "light bulbs"
    Name:  thermal art_light bulbs.jpg
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    Gotta love panorama. Check out this 1900x839 resolution image...
    Name:  thermal image testo panorama 1.jpg
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    Water Level

    I will call this "Tank Art".

    This is my first post ... some quality seems to have been lost in the jpeg conversion.
    However, I found the "testo" pallet option was the best for illustrating the water level.

    Name:  Art 1 - Tank Level.jpg
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    I am just opening my mind to Thermal as a form of art. Having the chance to see pictures in black and white brings about an interpretation in itself. Seeing art in colors the human eye can see also brings about an interpretation as well. Seeing some Thermal pics reminds me of Andy Warhol. Soup cans are cool, but they don't necessarily make me want to see more of them. Thermal pics as art will take as much imagination as talent to bring out a desire to see more. All Thermal pics are interesting to those of us who relate to what we are viewing, but the general public could easily see a few and the next time just glace. The pictures that hold the gaze, entice the eyes and mind are the one's to capture. Where is Mona Lisa these days, I'd like to snap a few of her.

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