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Thread: Pre-purchase building inspection

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    Pre-purchase building inspection

    I'm heading off this afternoon to attend a pre-purchase building inspection for my new house (very exciting!). It will be interesting to see what work the inspectors do and whether they are using thermal or not. Either way, it will be nice to have a camera to do some QC of their work.

    I'll post images of the house tomorrow, any tips and tricks from anyone before I get there?

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    If you want credible data you will need to make sure you have at least a 10 degree Celsius temperature differential between inside and outside. If you are doing this purely for your own pleasure a 5 degree C difference should still give you pretty good data.

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    Unfortunately I didn't get the 10C differential between the inside and outside, and the only image of not was from the external cavity of the house:
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    Given the wind speed on the day it is hard to tell if this is actually anything of note, the apparent temperature differential could simply be that the area under the eave isn't being buffeted by the wind at all, although it may be cause to further investigate the roof internally to check for any air leakage around the edge of the roof.

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    A bit later in the day (ie after sunset) and with the structure heated at this time of the year (ie winter) and you should get a good idea of warm air exfiltrating at the upper elevations. What is interesting from the image, and something I would be keen to see without any "potential" solar loading present is the warm mortar/grout lines between the bricks. This strikes me as either an emissivity difference between the brick face and the mortar, or latent moisture in the brick work.
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