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Thread: Service Providers - Infrared Thermography Inspection Services

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    Service Providers - Infrared Thermography Inspection Services

    Infrared inspections of electrical, mechanical and structural systems can be used for predictive maintenance, condition monitoring, quality assurance, and forensic investigations. When combined with timely, effective repairs, infrared inspections can help to reduce unscheduled plant shutdowns and/or and eliminate catastrophic equipment failures.

    Infrared inspections should only be performed by experienced thermographers who have been trained and certified by a recognized, independent training organization. Currently published standards require that thermographers have an understanding of infrared theory, heat transfer concepts and the construction and theory of the system(s) being inspected in order to understand the observed patterns of infrared radiation.

    Thermographers are also required to understand how environmental and physical conditions will affect test results and how to properly select and use test equipment appropriate for the task at hand.

    Infrared inspections can be accomplished by either in-house teams or the services of a qualified outside contractor. Because of their extensive experience, an infrared consultantís findings and recommendations are likely to be more accurate than those of a part-time, in-house team.

    With an infrared consultant, there is no capital expense for infrared equipment and the time required for program implementation is greatly reduced.

    Prior to engaging an outside infrared inspection firm, one should ascertain thermographer training, certification level and years experience in providing the types of inspections required. Be sure to ask for professional references for the firm as well as insurance coverage and experience modifier rating.

    Please contact individual firms to determine their capabilities and services offered.

    Firms listed on this page have achieved a certain level of certification with CITA, but are not necessarily recommended or endorsed by
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    Brenton Ward
    Level III Infraspection Institute Certified Thermographer
    Level II Airborne Ultrasound

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    Thermaview (ACT) Pty. Ltd.

    Charles Curtis
    02 624 4122
    0412 628 545
    [email protected]

    Thermaview (ACT) P/L is an Australian privately owned business established 1988, servicing clients Australia Wide as well as New Zealand.

    Service consists of on-site full Thermal (Infra-Red) inspection services across a broad range of applications.

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    Michael OíConnell
    Managing Director | Estec Group

    Electrical Systems Assessment | Safety | Compliance

    PO Box 1112, Williamstown, VIC, 3016
    P 1300 662 290
    E [email protected] |W Estec Group

    Estec Group are an electrical systems assessment and testing company

    We are committed to providing a tailored solution, minimising commercial risk whilst driving safety and efficiency into the workplace

    Estec Group have over 18 years experience in the electrical industry and combine this with Level 1 and 2 Infraspection Institute thermal imaging qualifications to deliver a complete thermography service

    Based in Melbourne, Estec Group work across all states of Australia

    Contact us directly on 1300 662 290 to learn more about the Estec Group suite of services
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    Nth Vic Technical Services offers infrared imaging to local industry throughout Northern Victoria.
    Our thermographer is accredited Level II and has experience in assessing buildings' thermal properties, finding "hot spots" in mechanical, electrical and other energised systems, and in assessing dairy herds for pre-clinical symptoms of health issues, such as mastitis.
    Colin James
    (03) 5826 5366
    0418 590 464
    CJ_Level II Seal_22mm.jpg
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    Providing thermal imaging services Australia wide

    Based in Melbourne. Established 2002. Independent, qualified & experienced.

    Condition Monitoring, Electrical and Building Science Applications

    Steve Bowman
    M. 0425 758 820

    E. [email protected]
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    Industrial Risks Management P/L

    Industrial Risks Management P/L have been conducting thermal imaging since 2003 on electrical installations, including power boards, cables, motors & plants.
    We also conduct scans on EPS panels in cold rooms & other EPS structures as well as inspections of Building structures for dampness & water sealing break down.

    Rod Patterson
    (07) 3315 0341
    0438 0439 69

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    col logo.jpg

    Thermelec (Qld) is a specialist thermography company providing services to a wide range of clients throughout Australia for approximately 10 years. We service the power, manufacturing, mining, gas, property and rural industries.

    Thermelec (Qld) conducts independent thermographic surveys for early fault detection of mechanical and electrical equipment as an integral part of predictive and reliability maintenance. We are a small family operated business which prides itself on client satisfaction, attention to detail and the ability to customise our services to suit our clientís individual requirements. With our proven procedures and extensive industry knowledge Thermelec (Qld) will provide all clients with the highest level of confidence and expertise.

    Thermelec (Qld) has introduced ISO 9001:2008 into the companyís operations which was third party certified in February 2014. The introduction of this internationally recognised quality assurance standard allows us to supply quality management and best practice thermography services and inspection protocols to our clients.

    Located in Queensland however we service all areas of Australia.
    Contact: Michael Henneker 1300 551 041 or 0438 454417
    Email: [email protected]

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    Melbourne based Infrared Camera Inspections (Thermal Imaging)

    For Inspections Of
    - Electrical Systems
    - Building Surveys
    - Concrete Analysis
    - In-Slab Heating

    Contact Steve McConnell

    0409 234 121
    [email protected]

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    Sturns Logo Landscape Colour.jpg

    Sturns offers professional Building Consultancy and Inspection services in and around the Perth Metro area.

    With a diverse range of building expertise, Sturns can handle all of the practical aspects of purchasing, owning, maintaining and developing property across every sector.

    Thermal Imaging Surveys

    Building IRT (Infra-Red Thermography) is an accurate surveying method that presents unquestionable evidence of significant defects. Our thermal Imaging survey services can help detect the typical common building defects:

    -Defective Insulation
    -Air leaks around doors, windows or even cracked walls
    -Sources of water ingress
    -Roof leaks
    -Damp and moisture detection
    -Plumbing and drainage blockages
    -Thermal bridging
    -Underfloor heating defects or leaks
    -Switchboard and electrical defects
    -Faults in mechanical systems


    Locky Stuart
    m: 0410 383 572
    e: [email protected]

    Reuben Burns
    m: 0404038511
    e: [email protected]

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    A W.jpgmpa pic 2.jpg

    MPA offers qualitative and quantitative thermography inspections for all electrical and mechanical systems. Our fully qualified electricians and engineers can provide fault finding and repair solutions to systems found in fault.

    Please contact:

    Amanda Woodbridge
    0478 35 35 70
    [email protected]

    MPA Engineering
    117 Toongarra Rd.
    Ipswich QLD
    07 3413 8850

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